Thursday, December 20, 2012

'you cereal-box reader, you social deviant, you!'

Sharpies & Notepaper

Two really excellent things.

I did some cafe-sketchings at a show with co-workers on College & Dovercourt a week or two ago. Sort-of-Johnell, an unusually-smiley Tedd, Andrew, one-beer-in Fraser, and Kevin le guitarist who also rocks an impressive beard! 

Tedd's friend Red, with Napoleonic flair

 t'was a hot-spot of hipsterdom

non-patron-of-the-arts hipster

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

...well I slept in 'til noon today, the first time in months, and that felt great. I've recently been engaged in some fabricating projects, Christmas decorating crezzyness, and a bit of relocating, and this work station pictograph is a pretty apt representation of the last month or two as a whole. All good times though, and I'm looking forward to Christmas and the months ahead.