Monday, December 28, 2015

Uncle Antlers - almost finito!

Well friends, I am excited to let you know that the film is very, very close to being finished. Compositing, editing, final music (which sounds gorgeous by the way) and foley have all been completed. Right now things are in the sound mixing stage, followed by a final mastering - then it's off to the races with film festival submissions and a limited online release (a private link as one of the crowd-funding perks).

I haven't done a whole lot of posting on the film here - it's been a somewhat constant 'keep going, keep going' phase for the last few months, but there will be more related posts to come in the next little while, and updates on where the film goes from here (intersprinkled with the usual sketchbook posts, naturally).

For now, a film still:

A belated Merry Christmas (& Happy New Year's)!

Monday, December 7, 2015


Well! It has been a while since an update, so I shall proceed to give one.

A) The film is nearly finished. It has been whittled down to a final edit (just going back in and doing some colour-correcting at the moment) and is almost ready to hand off for foley. The music is just about done and sounds absolutely gorgeous! I am happy (and becoming more so) with the overall film. All good things.

B) I've been involved in a few talks and workshops over the last few months (with more upcoming ones in the new year as well). Over the course of the early fall months I had the pleasure of assisting stop-mo filmmaker Lynn Wilton with a series of stop-motion workshops for the Scarborough Library's after-school club. Some tremendously ambitious and talented kids!

Two more recent events involved instructing a stop-motion puppet fabrication workshop at Sheridan College, as well as coming in to talk to grade 11 and 12 art students at Niagara Christian Collegiate - both being schools I happily attended in days of yore. It was pretty neat to go back to my high school, share a bit about working in the arts and making indie films, and reconnect with former teachers. A few photos from NCC, courtesy of Laurie Blue:

Sharing some of the process behind making my graduate film The Scarf

 Passion! Intensity! Obviously explaining something.

I also brought in my Sheridan submission portfolio (yes, I still have that - it was kicking around my parents' place and this is when hoarding comes in handy!) for students to look at.