Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Most Loyal music video puppet

 The initial character design

  Choosing fabrics for the clothing. I used old felt for the mittens, blue pleather for the boots, red cotton (tinted with a bit of turmeric for an orange-ish tint) for the pants, and some sort of vintage fabric with the perfect scale of weave for the coat. It was originally a pinky-purple, which I then bleached, dyed fuchsia, bleached again slightly, and tinted with turmeric to create the pale peachy-pink colour seen here. Her hat (not seen here) was hand-crocheted under the tutelage of my roommate the pro, and also dyed with turmeric and a bit of beet juice.

 Sculpting the head (plumber's epoxy, foil, super-sculpey), pre-baking stage

 Baked and painted!

 Foam-upholstered body, trimmed to shape

 Tailoring some winter clothes...

And the finished puppet, minus her toque