Monday, December 7, 2015


Well! It has been a while since an update, so I shall proceed to give one.

A) The film is nearly finished. It has been whittled down to a final edit (just going back in and doing some colour-correcting at the moment) and is almost ready to hand off for foley. The music is just about done and sounds absolutely gorgeous! I am happy (and becoming more so) with the overall film. All good things.

B) I've been involved in a few talks and workshops over the last few months (with more upcoming ones in the new year as well). Over the course of the early fall months I had the pleasure of assisting stop-mo filmmaker Lynn Wilton with a series of stop-motion workshops for the Scarborough Library's after-school club. Some tremendously ambitious and talented kids!

Two more recent events involved instructing a stop-motion puppet fabrication workshop at Sheridan College, as well as coming in to talk to grade 11 and 12 art students at Niagara Christian Collegiate - both being schools I happily attended in days of yore. It was pretty neat to go back to my high school, share a bit about working in the arts and making indie films, and reconnect with former teachers. A few photos from NCC, courtesy of Laurie Blue:

Sharing some of the process behind making my graduate film The Scarf

 Passion! Intensity! Obviously explaining something.

I also brought in my Sheridan submission portfolio (yes, I still have that - it was kicking around my parents' place and this is when hoarding comes in handy!) for students to look at.

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stevenjared0853 said...

Events like this are great if you want to learn something and that is why they should never be missed. I am also going to attend an event at Chicago event space, it will be a community meet and I am really excited for that.