Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Long Awaited (But-Not-Really-Cause-No-One-Else-Knew-Of-It) Caricatures

So I've been meaning to put these up for a while but never got around to it. (This being another night in hermithood) presents itself as a fantastic opportunity to do so (sorta). Most of these I did over the Christmas holidays, at both my Oma's 80th birthday extravaganza, church, and relatives' churches. So basically lots of old Dutch people, which consists of an interesting and ever-familiar atmosphere.

I must admit I've always thought the guy on the top left a little villainous. I'm told he's actually quite nice, but the shadows around the eyes tend to strike me as a bit disconcerting. And I love his wife's smile; technically it's a frown but it's very deep-set and the corners are like arrows, and somehow it works.

Featured top left is my brother Andrew's girlfriend, Angela. She demanded a caricature and seemed very excited about it until she saw it. On our right is the ex-janitor who, despite having yet to realize that the hitler 'stache has been passe for the past 60 years, still manages to strike terror in the young hearts of children.

Smithvillian Tim Hortons employee. No lie.

- and of course, dear viewers, a personal favourite: I present to you Anna Mae, le perpetually angry Organist Extraordinaire.


Ashley said...

Those are great. You've got such a cool blog.

Lyd. said...

Hey, those are awesome and many are quite funny, mainly because they actually look like the person you were drawing. They are awesome.