Monday, August 4, 2008

The Arrival

w00t! (which isn't an entirely applicable phrase here, but that's a moot point). My fathare finished up making my animation desk this past week (with the exception of a second light waiting to come in yet). Made from a piece of 30 x 24" white pine and a couple 1 x 3's for the stand (and the size for the circle cut-out traced from a hub-cap), he designed the front piece to fit into the back stand for easy pack-up. Instead of the standard poles being propped into 3 or so slots for altering heights, he bolted two boards of varying length on the sides and a shorter one in the back to prop up the front at different angles and still allow for full closure (with additional hook-locks for transportation). It even features a heavy-duty handle, completing the perfect transportation-friendly ensemble.

...Now all I need is the bullet-proof light disk.

1 comment:

Lyd. said...

Oooh, 'tis very grand... how are you going to use it with the big hole in the middle?? (jk) Love ya!