Friday, November 14, 2008

R-Double-Ya-F: The Third Time

I'll be honest. I'm generally not a huge fan of the Royal Winter Fair thing. Scads of swarming children, runny noses, numb hands and standing all day don't tend to appeal to me, but this year it was kind of decent. I got some inspiration and sense of the farm animal enivironment (which might be particularly beneficial in relation to pig films) and had an enjoyable time tinkering with my watercolours. It's also kind of neat to watch the reactions of children to both animals and art, and hopefully be some sort of inspiration in the process.

On other notes, I was part of a tour at Cuppa Coffee (studio..(s?) in Toronto today and got an interesting glimpse into the stop-motion animation work environment.

Stop-motion is sweet.

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Andrew Murray said...

I love drawing the sheep at the RWF. they are a really nice animal and they tend to pose pretty well for long periods of time...whereas you could draw pigs in a pose for a while...but its usually while theyre down for the count...that being said, I DO like your pig sketch.