Friday, January 9, 2009

Stop-Mo, Yo

H'okay. This is my stop-motion puppet; I think I'm pretty well finished. I've worked on it intermittently throughout the holidays; starting with the skeleton of armature wire and plumber's epoxy putty, with the removable head made of some of the latter, tin foil for added volume and lightweighty-ness,and sculpey added overtop for the final defined shape. The facial features are made of glued-down thread. The torso is bulked up with foam core, and the limbs and feet are coated with acrylic paint (over the epoxy. I decided not to get into the whole latex thing yet). The sprig of hair at the top is armature wire (which may or may not be removable, depending on whether it animates well or not), and I'm hoping I didn't shoot myself in the proverbial foot for making its costume from a textured sort of pattern. If it doesn't work out to be feasibly animateable, I'll console myself with the fact that it still looks cool.

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ChrisW said...

Wonderful! What a charming character! Love the socks... I think your fabric choice will animate fine. If the fabric had too much pile (too shaggy) you'd be in trouble, but that material should animate fine. Great work! The puppet feels like it's from a particular "world," which makes me want to see MORE inhabitants. Awesome.