Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TFS, my friends; TFS.

Well the first chunk of stop-motion my co-op (comprising of 'True Family Story' Production Phase With Chris Walsh) was completed as of yesterday. It was quite wonderful (if not downright inspiring) to contribute to the creation of something personally satisfying and rewarding on all accounts, vested with genuine interest and care, and quality to boot. You can get your fill of behind-the-scenes and production documentation over here for the next little while: http://walsh-o-matic.blogspot.com/

..commencing Post now.


ChrisW said...

Speaking as someone closely involved with the production of this little film, I shall say "Thank You" for the nice words.

And thank you for the help and inspiration. You were essential to getting it made, AND to making it not only a pleasant but downright FUN experience.

It's a lot about the final product, but it's ALSO a lot about process- the "getting there" on a film. You can have a great film that follows a horrifying/ depressing/ soul-sucking process. No thanks (not on an indie thing, and not on something with my name on it).

The process we followed was a really fun one, and respectful one, and ultimately very rewarding, for everyone. I'll be sure to buy you a Honey Lemon tea!

Now then... I have just a FEW more puppet hands I need you to make. Those latex fumes only make you dizzy for a while, don't worry...

Carla Veldman said...

...lol, somewhere in the back of my mind (where it shall probably remain)is an image of latex hands in a pablum jar..