Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What you're seeing here is a number of puppet arms in the process of being liquid-latexed (to create 'skin'), after which they are dipped for a final smooth coat or two in the latex, fitted with square brass stock on the ends, and inserted into the puppets with the aid of contact cement.

Below is my studio workspace within Sheridan's stop-motion studio:

The paper cut-outs on the table will be used for puppet-standins when it comes to set construction and figuring out sizes, proportions, staging, blocking; essentially discerning where and how the puppet will 'fit' in its world.

On the right wall I have posted my storyboards to guide me in determining game-planning for production and pre-production. This way I can easily refer to them while I am figuring out puppet, prop, and set relations, as well as eventually prioritizing and keeping track of which shots have been completed/ need special attention etc.

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