Sunday, May 1, 2011

Le Annecy Count-Down (34 Days!)

Well, first day-o'-May and just a little over a month before I leave for Annecy!! Crazy-excited!!! I look forward to being floored by phenomenal films and meeting awesome animation artists, as well as drinking in some European culture in general - it's been too long, too long indeed. There's a hop-over to Holland in the works, and a possible excursion to England as well. I'll be sure to pack my sketchbook!

All alliteration aside, I'm really looking forward to this adventure. It's been an interesting year since graduation and I'm terribly curious to find out what's next. In my own efforts, I've got another (short, short) film in the works, and have recently made the move to Toronto.

Also, this is Myrtle. Do say hello.

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