Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The promised Annecy post, in pictures from my travel sketchbook!

Airport & other random observances while generally in transit. Annecy: it was great simply being there. The entire lower portion of the city was swarming with animators, animation-lovers, and the audiences went all out during the screenings. Met all sorts of incredibly interesting and highly talented animation folk- Mark Sperber, Paul Briggs, Max & Ru of Tiny Inventions, and Samantha Leriche-Gionet to name a few, as well as other student film-makers from the world over. Also took in crazy amounts of animated films. Very inspiring.

View of the older part of the city and mountain range from the vantage point of an old castle partway up the hill.

Food staple of the week!


Train pulling out of Annecy, on the way to London St Pancras.

A pigeon in Regent Park, with birdberry stains. I spent a few days up in London after Annecy, visited MacKinnon & Saunders in Manchester and had a lovely time there - extraordinarily talented artists, and on top of that, extremely kind.

Received an excellent suggestion from Peter Saunders regarding local sight-seeing; Chetham's Library, the oldest public library in the English-speaking world!

Made my way over to Holland following England - saw a lunar eclipse in Zeeland, walked to Germany and had a really gezellig time visiting relatives, learning family history and hometowns of my grandparents.

Waiting for my plane at Schipol to return to Canada, travellers moving in herds.

All in all, a really superb trip. For anyone who's entertained the idea of attending Annecy, GO!

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