Friday, October 21, 2011

Uncle Antlers (a progress)

I've been meaning to make this fellow for a while. Starting with a rough scale drawings of his desired proportions, I've assembled a nice little epoxy-and-wire skeletal base which will then be bulked up with upholstery foam.

And his antlers - I'm still exploring the best means of producing these. I initially figured they'd be sculpted in clay, but when I gave that a shot I found it looked too chunky and 'heavy' to maintain any sense of gracefulnss. So I stiffened them a bit with gap-filling glue and plumber's epoxy, then added a layer of black tissue paper on top for a bit of contrasting texture to the smoothness of his head. The black's a bit too dark though, so I'm considering either adding a lighter layer of tissue paper on top, or painting details and a more accurate colur over the black. Suggestions?

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