Monday, November 14, 2011

Uncle Antlers - Costuming, Part II!

Pants, shirt, vest, polka-dot bow-tie.. (he's been expecting a jacket, currently in production).

I like the progression his wardrobe's been making. He may be technically dead but he's not unpleasant - his clothes are of a proper sort, and the bow-tie (polka-dots and warm pastels) makes him a little more endearing.

I opted for painting a layer of brown acrylic over the tissue-paper-covered antlers, and used ink and a toothpick to add lines and grooves.

The Bowtie:

French knots on silk (remnants of a childhood hair-scrunchie).

I added interfacing to add more durability - the fabric by itself isn't terribly strong, and this prevents it from excessive splitting between the fabric fibres when I'm poking the needle through.

Trimmed to size and ironed.

Top and sides sewn; from there I tucked under and hand-stitched the bottom closed, then scrunched the square down into a bow-tie volume and sewed the middle to maintain that shape. I was originally going to use some of the silk to form the middle band, but it would have been too bulky and I've since warmed up to the thread alternative - it adds a bit of a folksy, hand-made feel.


Stacy Curtis said...

This is so cool! Great work!

jriggity said...

Lovin It!!


Carla Veldman said...

Thanks, both of you's!

Also - caught up on your blog a bit jriggety, sounds like you're making a fantastic impact out there in Portland, awesome!

Noam Sussman said...

ahhh!!! really cool!

Carla Veldman said...

Thanks, Noam!