Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jackets & Coats, Jackets & Coats

First post of a new year, and with that, first things first: Happy New Year!

I did a bit of sewing over the holidays; mostly alterations/re-purposing on 'big-people clothes' as I tend to to call them, in comparison to the usual miniature size. Happily, I worked on some of the latter as well and learned some valuable things along the way. Namely - the fabric used (a sort of corduroy) is actually a little too thick to be working with on this scale. It's deceptive because on first touch it's not an overly stiff or heavy fabric (or so I thought), but it really bulks up at seams and pairing it with a thinner silky material for the collar caused some trouble. Additionally, attaching the collar first before the side-seams (coupled with an under-stitched lining at the bottom of the jacket) really limited the ability to do any adjusting afterwards. Corduroy - this version, at any rate - also attracts alot of dust. Not so good when you're animating.

But you finish what you started and ponder all these things up for next time.

A little coat-tail.

I've also started on his over-coat, with the intention of it having the look of some sort of thick-textured, winter-defying heavy ..thing. I'm exploring different looks and am undecided between adapting a literal representation of the conceptual sketches I've done (the needle-thread one on the right), or something a little softer and more experimental, a la needle-felted (on the left). Thoughts?


Michelle Reaume said...

I adore the one on the left. I feel like if he wore it, he would be desperately trying to imitate the fur he once had... and still secretly yearns for.
I think the one on the right is too distracting from his overall vibe.

Carla Veldman said...

Ooh, I think you are right. I've been gravitating towards the left as well - I think the one on the right isn't fitting with the rest of his style - it's a bit busy, and kitschy even. Thanks for your insight!

Also - yes, haha - it would be totally awesome if he (in his skeletal state) still walked around in a coat made of deer-fur: this sort of 'coat' double-entendre.

Whitney Weber said...

Hi Carla I love your work and seeing one of your post I wanted to ask what kind of airbrush kit you have and would recommend as I am looking into buying one myself.
Thanks so much!
Whitney Weber