Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Story-telling at GCF

Story-telling, food, and a 'theology of dish-washing'*: all things that bring people together in really wonderful and underestimated ways.

Tomorrow evening I'll be sharing my story at the University of Toronto's Graduate Christian Fellowship on being an artist (animator), a Christian, ways in which these two things interweave, and what that looks like in terms of direction and times of transition. All without being kitsch.

I'll also be screening my graduate film, The Scarf, and explaining some of the process and story behind that as well, so if you're in the U of T area tomorrow evening (6pm) and in the mood for some soup and story-telling, come on out!

Directions and a little more info can be found here.

*Being the typist that I am, I almost let that phrase go out as 'a theology of fish-washing' instead of 'dish-washing'. I'm sure fish-washing brings people together in really wonderful and under-estimated ways too, but admit I'm a little short-handed in thinking of how.


Andrea Alcaraz said...

I'd looove to go! But im out of town :(. Could this be in any way recorded for people who can't make it?

Carla Veldman said...

Hey Andrea! I'm afraid we didn't have any sort of recording set up but you're welcome to come out another Thursday, and we'll chat animation!