Monday, January 13, 2014

TAIS puppet-building workshop

Hey, friends! I am going to be leading a puppet-building workshop at the Toronto Animated Image Society on February 16th, 11am-5pm. Interested, or know anyone who might be? A little more info on it can be found here-a, alongside some other fantastic upcoming workshops.


Alexandra Swistak said...

My project, looked fun until I saw your puppet.

I wish I could be there with my niece and nephew. We don't have anything like this in Vancouver right now.

Carla Veldman said...

Hey Alexandra,

That cardboard art looks awesome! I've wanted to try one of those - do you make the pattern yourself?

I'm not overly familiar with the west-coast animation scene, but maybe there are art schools or centres that off crafting opportunities?

Alexandra Swistak said...

We made our own patterns. It worked out pretty good.

There isn't much available for the little ones, so we have get creative on our own.

I am inspired by your puppets, but we'll try making sock rabbits first!