Friday, April 11, 2014

I came across this great tree in a front yard on Cecil St. a few weeks ago; it was gnarled and twisted and had so much character. Pleasantly situated across the road was an outdoor gym 'parkette' thing - genius. I'll translate the scrawled quote above as the penmanship's a bit dodgy:

If you are relatively happy with your life, if you enjoy spending time with your children, playing with them and talking with them; if you like nature, if you enjoy sitting in your yard or on your front steps, if your sexual life is relatively happy, if you have a peaceful sense of who you are and are stabilized in your relationships, if you like to pray in solitude, if you just like talking to people, visiting them, spending time in conversation with them, if you enjoy living simply, if you sense no need to compete with your friends or neighbors--what good are you economically in terms of our system?  
You haven't spent a nickel yet.

However if you are unhappy and distressed, if you are living in anxiety and confusion, if you are unsure of yourself and your relationships, if you find no happiness in your family or sex life, if you can't bear being alone or living simply--you will crave much.  You will want more.

-John Francis Kavanaugh

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