Tuesday, January 1, 2008

a little hodge-podge of history.

Hokay. Here are a few of my personal favouritesque pieces from the latter portion of last year, our first being that of Arnie the Ant-Eater (sitting rather dejectedly and drinking away his sorrows under the impervious eye of great uncle.. baron von-something). The second is the sketchbook cover for my most recent personal sketchbook (these tend to be more illustrative by nature and less of a work-book, though it's been a while since I've really done anything in it), the third is an excerpt from a storyboarding assignment (this is me in grade 1 and how much I loved it), and the fourth being a sketch of the room I occupied back in June when I was stuck out in Michigan (visiting some distant relatives, not to be repeated).


roz said...

finally a blog! you should post your life leica! it was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

haha. hmmm...I shall have to dig around for that. - Carla.