Friday, July 24, 2009

In Which Mr. Garlic-head Goes To The Drawer (And Picks Out A Smile)

Below are two short little stop-mo pieces I did towards the end of my co-op involving Mr. Garlic-head and a bit of set/prop making. The first one I am generally satisfied with (a minor exception being the drawer-opening bit, which needs a drastically longer amount of read-time), the second a bit less so, as I should have made the puppet *look* at the phone before picking it up and replacing it (the lack of such rendering both occasions as a bit odd-looking in regards to interaction), more defined and legible poses throughout, and a smoother, slower sitting-up at the end - it's a bit abrupt. The piece as a whole is a bit jumbled, but that's not to say there aren't elements that I like, such as the slanted lighting, the leg-swinging action, and the happy accident of the smile 'thinning out' at the end to reveal the character's natural emotion underneath (which I realized is difficult to see here).
...'t's what practice is for though, and learning to pinpoint areas in need of improvement, generally does lead to improvement in the future.

And a still from shooting:

The dresser is carved from pink styrofoam, the chair made from scrap wood, the backwall from cardboard (incidentally the boards are running vertically instead of horizontally), wall plaster, creative-memories-type paper and more pink styrofoam for the trim, and the floor being a placemat find from our good friend Value Village.


Seema said...

I love these both! They're really awesome, and the dresser looks great :D

andrew wilson said...

really nice stuff carla

ChrisW said...

ha! i didn't even know you'd shot this in the studio! the lighting is AWESOME! great animation too- the casually swinging leg... i very much like the reaching into the drawer, very subtle, modest... realistic. awesome bg wall too... super stuff.