Friday, July 10, 2009

sliced bread's got nothin' on this

Ah, stop motion. Delving into this little niche of the animation world has in some ways drawn me back to memories of those creative aspects of my childhood. The 'Cutting-and-Gluing Box'* - brimming with popsicle sticks, styrofoam meat trays, toilet paper rolls and leftover sewing scraps comes to mind (as do the flimsy cardboard creations Mel and I would ambitiously whip up), plus an interest in miniature doll-housing, mold-making and sewing - now coupled with animation, design and story-telling (a writing aspect) to boot ... what could be better?

*this was only slightly differentiated from the recycle box, and that was our next best option (though sometimes said ambitious creations would mysteriously end up there too).

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