Monday, September 10, 2012

Film Course & Fest

I had the pleasure of seeing The Scarf included in a University of Toronto film course coinciding with TIFF last night. Many of the questions and observations from its participants and facilitators were ones I hadn't heard before, hadn't even consciously been aware of during the creation process. They're a keen group.

You think you know a work because you created it, but it reveals more than what you knew when it was made. I've read this in Madaleine L'engle's work before but until recently had never experienced it.

The Scarf has also had a surprisingly long tail. It's been two years since completion, it's done a run on the festival circuitry and still seems to be finding new places to go. I'm very grateful for this.

In other news, Words That Feed The will be having its premiere screening at the Burlington Animation Festival on September 29th. Last I heard there are still a few tickets left, so snatch those up while you can! It looks like a good film line-up, and I (as well as a number of the other film-makers) will be in attendance.

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