Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Railway Steam Gallop

The Railway Steam Gallop just finished playing at the Hiroshima International Animation Film Festival in Japan this week. I had the absolute pleasure of working on this film with Kaj Pindal (Sheridan professor, NFB veteran, and a very funny man) as principle animator under his direction and tutelage, shortly after graduating. It was an incredible experience learning and working alongside him, and tremendously fun as well - Kaj always has a good story or pun hiding in that smile of his.

I don't think I ever properly promoted the work-in-progress or the final piece, so below are a few making-of pictures (courtesy of Owen Colborne, photography technologist who came in to snap a few shots):

Editing stages & director approval
A final shot

Kaj fiddling with an engine. On the back wall are the storyboards, highlighted shots having been completed.

Hard at work

Below is a little snippet of some of the folks behind-the-scenes in the early stages of prep work; painting bystanders, setting up shots, testing equipment (via Chris Walsh, producer).
KajPindalTrainFilm_Day1 from Chris Walsh on Vimeo.

And the final film:
The Railway Steam Gallop from Carla Veldman on Vimeo.


Amir Avni said...

Great job, Carla! We showed this one at the Kaj Pindal retrospective at TAAFI too

Carla Veldman said...

Thanks, Amir! I remember you mentioning it played at TAAFI - couldn't make it to the screening, but I imagine it was a pretty good time as well. :)