Sunday, October 24, 2010

promotions! promotions! & progress

“I was watching BET one night, and they were interviewing a man about jazz music. He said jazz music was invented by the first generation out of slavery. I thought that was beautiful because, while it is music, it is very hard to put on paper; it is so much more a language of the soul … The first generation out of slavery invented jazz music. It is a music birthed out of freedom. And that is the closest thing I know to Christian spirituality. A music birthed out of freedom. Everybody sings their song the way they feel it, everybody closes their eyes and lifts up their hands.”
- Donald Miller

Promotion No. 1: Blue Like Jazz is an honest, humourous, and poignant exploration of 'non-religious thoughts on Christian spirituality', and I expect nothing less from the film. That said though, it needs support! and its Kickstarter campaign (funded entirely by individual contributions) is coming to a close Monday evening.

Promotion No. 2: My mentor Chris Walsh just posted a neat little zombie animation he made in time for Hallowe'en, check it out here and additional information here!

And progress:

I received an early birthday present this year in the form of an air brush, and I put it to good use with painting the oppossum's head. For the most part the results turned out pretty decent. I'm new to air brushing, and one thing I'm going to do next time is rub the surface with an anti-static sheet so it doesn't attract all kinds of dust while it's drying. Another thing to be figured out is how to fix problem areas that might arise after additional details/features have been painted. I mixed acrylic paint with a bit of water, so re-applying paint (either with areas masked off and re-spraying, or perhaps with a very fine brush) to small areas that have been scratched etc. might be problematic. Overall though it lends a smoothness to the painted surface that I like, I know the lighting I'll be using for this fellow will be fairly low and won't involve any super close-ups, and this puppet is predominantly meant as a learning-curve project (I'll be getting into adding fur down the road!)


Melodie V/S said...

Very cool - nice to see progress on the possum. MOm and Dad give you the airbrush? I"m stoked for Tuesday!

Chris Walsh said...

lookin' good!

Andrew Wilson said...

can't wait to see the end result... or more production stills!