Friday, October 15, 2010

The Railway Steam Galop Has Arrived!

I've just spent the last week or so on the finishing touches of The Railway Steam Galop, a short film I worked on over the summer with animator, NFB veteran, and Sheridan professor Kaj Pindal. The film had its first public screening yesterday at the school, and it looked - and sounded! spectacular. This was (for everyone involved) our first foray into HD, and the output is pretty slick. I had a truly wonderful time working on the film and with those involved, and while I'm a little sad that part is over there's a very satisfying feeling that accompanies the knowledge of another completed project, and one well-done. (The previous two being my thesis film, and Chris Walsh's True Family Story. The Railway Steam Galop is now off to Denmark for the Ribe Animation Festival (founded by Kaj), and from there, who knows?

In other news, The Scarf will be showing at the Redemptive Film Festival, the Montreal Stop Motion Film festival (more details to come for both), and at the 9:45am Family & Folktales screening, October 26th, of the Chicago International Children's Film Festival!

It's been a little busy the last couple days so I haven't been able to post more on the puppet or start on a second one, but I hope to have more progress up soon.

A few stills, excepting the clock, that didn't make the final cut:


Melodie said...

Way to go in getting into more Festivals! Hrm, Redemptive Film Festival, sounds like something Karen Kingsbury would do... (I checked to see if she was a judge, but alas, was not) Hahahaha *Melodie breaks into laughter*

Carla Veldman said...

ah, cackles.. That hadn't even occurred to me! hahaha.

(p.s. seeya tonight!)

Andrew Murray said...

I would love to see this :)